People frequently have a preference to buy dining room furniture and other items separately from the store that sells ready-made furniture. However, Interio gives you the choice to purchase dining room furniture, including a table, chairs, and crockery shelves, in complementary styles and colours. The interior design of the dining area may be perfectly paired with a modular kitchen by using bespoke design and fabrication. You may choose a comfy design from Interio that meets your needs. Within the confines of the available area, a suitable bar counter may be created, or the wash counter can be improved by the addition of storage with complementary colour schemes. Explore some of our dining room assets on this page to add customization and value to your home decor package.


Most contemporary homes now have a bar counter set up in the dining room. It fulfils the roles of both a bar counter and an elegant ornamental piece. Get the bar counter setup from Interio Interiors installed anywhere in Kerala, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore.


Interio can design and make a centre table specifically for a flat or apartment which is located anywhere around Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Mangalore. These tables can be kept near your sofa set, bringing out the best look that completes the aesthetics of your living room. Customers select an appropriate design from those offered on our website or in our galleries and further modify it to meet their needs and spatial constraints.


The most contemporary dining chairs are manufactured to order and match the dining table setup. Complete interior design for a home in a distinctive style would require care in even the smallest details. A primed and perfect dining table and chair set is an alternate choice. However, that could not complement the other efforts, which results in flaws. Dining chairs made to order by Interio are sure to add comfort and style that perfectly complements the rest of the furniture.


Dining and living design partitions have two goals. One is to block the direct view of the eating area from the living side, and the other is to add wood touches for aesthetics wherever there is a chance. This might serve as a platform for showcasing some artistic creations. The divider will be beautiful and appropriate for the available area thanks to Interio. While considering interior design projects for your house make sure you talk to our designers.


A wash counter is a necessary component of a dining room, and it appears to be significantly more attractive when it is personalised to meet your needs and preferences. Interio can design a customized wash counter unit that matches your space and maintain your composure while you get compliments from those guests you’d like to invite.
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