Bathroom Design in Thiruvalla Truly Retreats

Looking for Kitchen and bathroom designers for remodelling? Having more than just the right “bathroom interior design in Thiruvalla” can not only improve the esthetics and value of the home, it can bring that sense of nirvana to your room.

With many remodeling projects, one of the first rooms that most people want to tackle first is the bathroom. Besides being a room that basic functions are taken care of, it is the room where we want to physically and mentally “rinse” off the cares of the day, having the luxuries of a personal spa within a small space.

Stepping into one of our bathroom, you will immediately get the feeling of openness and richness that one of our designs can hold for you, even in the tightest of spaces. The heated floors help avoid that sudden temperature shock from moving one temperature area to another. This translates well whether crossing the area of the tub or shower unit to the bedroom or vice versa.

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Other spa like amenities such as the towel and facial clothes warming unit, creates the warmth and comfort that is expected in the most luxuries spas. Additional storage space is as reflective in our bathroom design in Thiruvalla as it is in our kitchen designs with custom built units available to your specifications.

Our Kitchen and bathroom designers look at the bathtub and the shower as the most relaxing elements in bathrooms. Of course, the size and dimension of the unit contour to the dimensions of the room to create the maximum amount of floor space possible.

The Jacuzzi tubs have regular faucets as well as the adjustable hand held shower head units as well as air jets that allow the circulation of the air flow to hit the areas you want without having to be a contortionist. Recessed shelf units, featured in great bathroom design in Thiruvalla as well as utilizing natural lighting assists in creating the relaxing atmosphere.

The multi-dimensional showers provide the adjustable handheld units where the pressure sprays can be applied where it is needed the most, as well as the feel of standing below a waterfall. The shower-fall is an oversized shower head that is mounted in the ceiling with the ability, along with side jets, to adjust the water flow from full spray to pulsating. Additional features in the shower unit of the bathroom interior design in Thiruvalla, along with a retractable seating platform can also tune the shower into a sauna.

All fixtures enclosures are available in the most popular materials or real marble, stone, ceramic tiling, and porcelain while the fixtures themselves represent the top of the line products from Grohe and Villeroy and Broch.

To add to the luxury of the day is the inclusion of the latest entertainment technology of surround sound radio and stereo system as well as monitors to not miss a beat in your favorite program viewing. Phone lines can also be included.

Your retreat away from the cares of the world has now come to your bathroom design in Thiruvalla; thanks to our Kitchen and bathroom designers, you have a place where you can decompress and get centered.

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